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Your Potential.
Our Passion.

We believe the client experience is as important as the software built.

Creating software that will revolutionise the way your organisation operates requires a massive investment, and even more trust. At Capture, we're committed to collaborating with you to build a strong relationship and gain deep understanding around the way your organisation works, so you have no doubt that we'll get the job done.

We've got a knack for managing difficult discussions and making sure you and your team are heard and respected. We respond with solutions that consider every opinion and option, and are proactive in recommending new ideas that perhaps haven't been considered before.

We'll scope out your project from start to finish, presenting a roadmap showing how you can best leverage software to make your staff more effective. We look at key milestones and timeframes so you prioritise your spending on what will make the greatest impact, with continuous updates showing a breakdown of progress. We know the brief is likely to evolve and expand along the way, and that's okay because we're a pretty flexible bunch. You'll know exactly what we are working on, why we're working on it, and how that increases your organisations' performance.

Your dedicated, hands-on Project Manager will be well versed in dealing with people of all levels of seniority and technical understanding, and will be incredibly accessible so you can always expect a prompt response. If we haven't responded to your email within the day, you'll probably feel the need to check the obituaries, just in case…

Meet the Director.

Capture are a collection of bookworms, computer-whizzes, and tech-sperts who specialise in building well-thought solutions for complex problems.

We're serious about ground-breaking concepts, innovative ideas, and meticulous coding. Our clever Developers and behind-the-scenes team help you run your organisation smoothly while maximising efficiently.

Scott Ingram


Since building my first website at the age of 10, I’ve had an active interest in the intricacies of software and programming. As a business owner of two digital companies, I know first-hand how powerful effective software can be, and how frustrating it is when these solutions don’t perform well.

Equipped with native digital skills and a commercial background, I bring deep insight into how organisations can utilise software to maximise efficiencies and smooth out processes, saving time and money.

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