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“As the primary national provider of Indigenous digital news, our website is the core component of our day-to-day operations and integral to our ongoing success. Before engaging Capture we had worked with a variety of developers we were still unable to solve critical issues with the way our website was performing resulting in loss of income, time and good faith with potential advertisers. There were significant technical challenges which we were beginning to believe were not solvable.

Then we engaged Capture. The issues we were having were not easily fixed, however Capture was able to address all our needs and were honest about the whole process, which was previously one of our bigger challenges. Capture was able to rebuild our website the right way, improving factors particularly around server speed and user interface.

Now we have had no critical issues, better functionality, and the hosting service always runs smoothly. Our ongoing relationship with Capture and their honest approach to any IT issues is allowing us to grow and develop at speed, which had not previously been possible due to our ongoing issues.

The team have been honest and effective, making our business more efficient.

We highly recommend Capture for both technical development and hosting.

General Manager

"The team have been honest and effective, making our business more efficient."

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