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Our clients use custom software for a wide variety of purposes

Here are a few examples:


The hub for taking a customer relationship from lead to long term, satisfied client, yourCRM allows your team to communicate consistently without costly check ins or relying on emails and handwritten notes. From knowing when a follow up call was made and what was discussed to ensuring new leads or enquiries never fall through the cracks, theCRM is central to your business’s growth.


From creating a comprehensive project work plan to keeping the team on track and up to date to the minute, our bespoke project management systems help clients maintain the most effective workflow. From a management perspective, you will be able to see at a glance where each stage and team member on a project is at, allowing you to stay on top of meeting deadlines and ensuring your customers are satisfied.


Our team will work with you to identify the key metrics that drive your business and audit your current working systems to ensure all the data and information gathered throughout the day can be presented on an easy ‘at a glance’ screen. Our dashboard solutions can also provide alerts should they detect unusual activity so you can identify and address issues or opportunities early.


Much as it sounds, our inventory management systems ensure our clients have a full picture of their inventory at the tip of their fingers, from the office to on the road. Aside from knowing exactly what you have on hand – and where, IM can be used to automate or inform re-ordering, saving you time and money.


Sales management systems can be used asa standalone solution or work in unison with other management software systems to keep your sales staffs contacts, leads and sales information in one place or schedule followup calls – essentially allowing your staff to automate the administrative side of their job.It also ensures knowledge is retained by the business and not stored in each individuals notes and memory.


Our customer web portal is a secure website that provides your customers with a 24/7single point of access to relevant company information; for example policies, invoices, deliveries, orders and online payments, accessible from a computer, phone or tablet.Our customer portal can be integrated with your primary business systems including accounting, ERP or CRM system, helping employees and customers access and update relevant information quickly and efficiently, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


If you’ve got products to sell – even your time or expertise, Capture can build electronic or ‘E’-commerce into your offerings. We can incorporate the full range of technologies including mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.


No matter how complex your business requirements may be, we have the capability and experience to reliably deliver a custom built information system that enables your business to store and access interrelated information intuitively and securely.


If your company struggles with document control – for example, working on the correct version of a document with several authors, we can provide document control management solutions that work for your specific business needs.


Offer your clients 24/7 support with our customer service solutions, from an automated ‘get help’ button providing simple solutions ora call back feature which can alert you around the clock or within work hours, to automated social media responses making your clients feel connected to your business.


From rostering to time sheets which feed directly into payroll systems, our team can audit and recommend a bespoke system that works for your company, and keep you in the loop on any new solutions developed in the future. We can also simplify complex team management tasks such as performance reviews.


Paper-based systems of yesteryear are transformed into seamless digital platforms. No more printing, filing, scanning, shredding, or losing documents (also, say goodbye to papercuts).


Ensure data is recorded with precision and easily keep it maintained so info is always up-to-date.


Utilising the highest levels of security, intelligent software protects and defends digital assets.


Systems you can trust, high-performance you can rely on with accessibility at your fingertips.


Software that adheres to the latest industry standards and policies.


Simple navigation, intuitive layouts, and beautiful aesthetics. It's software staff will actually like using.


Building with a 'but, why?' mentality to remove unnecessary steps for a faster, easier software experience.


Software that grows with you. By building from scratch, digital solutions evolve alongside your organisation. Change anything, anytime - you're in control.

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