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We believe the client experience is as important as the software built

Relationship and Stakeholder Management

Developing software that will revolutionise the way your organisation operates requires significant investment and trust. We’ll collaborate with you to build a strong working relationship, gaining a thorough understanding of how your business works in order to deliver a transformational project.

We make sure you and your team are heard and respected, ensuring the process is a positive one. After discovery and consultation, we respond with solutions that consider all parties, and we are proactive in proposing new ideas that perhaps have not been discussed before.

Thorough Scoping and No Surprises

We’ll scope your project from start to finish, presenting a roadmap showing how you can best leverage your software. We look at key milestones and timeframes so you prioritise your investment on areas that will have the greatest impact.

If you move to the build stage, you will receive regular updates showing a breakdown of progress. We know the brief is likely to evolve and expand along the way, and we are always happy to adjust the expected scope and timelines accordingly. You’ll know exactly what we are working on, why we’re working on it, and how that serves the objectives you have outlined.

A Dedicated Service Manager

Capture dedicates a full-time staff member to manage communications with clients.

Your assigned, hands-on Service Manager is skilled in communicating with people of all levels of hierarchy and technical understanding. They are highly experienced in technical support, software development, and have rare ability to quickly grasp complex big picture thinking and find a way to break that down into bite sized pieces. They are readily accessible via phone and you can expect a response to emails within one business day.

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